Dear Street Life Ministries community,
The heat of July is giving way to the cloudy days and cool breezes of August. It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the ministry, let’s take a look!

Gala Recap: Show Tunes and Opera

A Concert for a Cause

What a spectacular evening it was at Show Tunes and Opera: A Concert for a Cause in Redwood City on August 6th! The Little Fox Theater came alive with the enchanting melodies of classic opera selections and some show tune favorites, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that resonated with everyone in attendance.

The talented performers transported us through a journey of emotions with their captivating renditions. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you who joined us, contributing to the success of the event and showing your support for Street Life Ministries. Your presence and generosity have been truly heartwarming.

Thanks to your donations, both through direct contributions and the purchase of gift tickets to the gala, we can continue our important work of uplifting and empowering those experiencing homelessness in the Bay Area. If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, it’s not too late. Your contributions make a significant difference in the lives of those in need. Once again, thank you for being a part of this meaningful evening, and we look forward to your continued support in making positive change happen.

Don’t worry, the music and fun isn’t over yet! We have another wonderful evening program in the works and we would love to see you there. Mark your calendars for October 21st in Redwood City. Details coming soon!

Life is Crazy Author Spotlight

We told you last month that our own wonderful Vicky Lanzone and her friend and co-author Jamie Blaine wrote a book that is raw, real, and ultimately redemptive. We are happy to announce the book has launched and is now available for sale! They were kind enough to share some words about the book and themselves, our conversation is below.

What is the book about?

Jamie: I was burned out on late-night psychiatric crisis and about to take a job stocking Fruity Pebbles at the grocery store. Then I got an offer to do online “love coaching.” because I was a licensed psychotherapist. 

Vicky: I was agnostic and married for 28 years when my husband abruptly left one night. I was desperately trying to get him home and ran across an online coaching site that promised help for only $99 bucks a month. I hoped for the professional-looking coach, but got Jamie instead. When my husband didn’t come home, things got pretty dark. That’s when the adventure began. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happened. 

What’s the title mean?

Jamie: When I was sixteen, I found a Bible in a Jackson, Mississippi motel room and started reading the part in Ecclesiastes that says life is crazy and everybody dies, so stop taking yourself so seriously. You’re not gonna figure out life. Trust God and do the best you can with the one small moment in front of you. 

Vicky: It’s strange how life can be so beautiful and terrible at the same time. My life is crazy. Isn’t yours? 

How does Street Life play into the story?

Vicky: God led me to my fellow misfits at Street Church when I needed it most. In the stories, God shows up over and over again. He could come in the grandest of ways, anyway He wants. But God just kept showing up in small, humble ways. There was a lesson for me. Walk humbly and try to show kindness wherever I can. It’s not about grand moves, it’s just about being there. I have received so much more than I could ever give.

What do you hope the reader will take away from your book?

Jamie: We hope it makes you think, see things a different way, and we really hope it makes you laugh. At heart, we’re repressed comedians.

Vicky: I just hope we make people laugh and feel like they can be okay. The book says it: We’re all messed up. Take heart. You are not alone. 

Life is Crazy Book

Life is Crazy and We‘re all going to Die is available in paperback and ebook.

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Warmest regards,

The Street Life Ministries Team
“The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” Proverbs 22:9, ESV

Kev’s Korner

What’s up, folks? Yup, been a while since the last column, and might be a while before the next. Guess that makes this a limited edition, huh?

Well, I got a couple things to touch on, but first – y’all know the drill by now – find a comfortable spot, make sure you’ve got some good coffee close by, and put on yer seatbelts ‘cuz we’re going for another ride…

First things first, Vicky wrote a book !!!
Yeah, guess I live with an accomplished author now. You’re gonna love the name of it, too. “Life is Crazy and We’re All Going To Die”. She wrote it with her friend Jamie Blaine, who has written a LOT of stuff. He’s the guy who wrote Midnight Jesus, and Mercy Never Sleeps. Anyways, in this new Vicky/Jamie book, it kinda tells Vicky’s story and covers up to a little past meeting me. I’m even in there a bit. It’s a good read full of honesty and hilarity, and it might make you think a bit. Maybe it’ll even show you that we all have more in common than we think. For me, it was really cool to remember some of the stories she told and the people that were in them. It’s no secret that Vicky saved me from the streets about a decade ago now, and that she and I have been deeply involved in helping the homeless ever since, so this book begins to explain that whole story. I look forward to there being several more books published, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. Maybe just focus on this first one for now. From the bottom of my heart, I really hope this book becomes a best seller. It’s that good.

I’ve never understood the popularity of this column, guys. I ain’t gonna lie. Sometimes I really struggled with writing it, because I wasn’t really sure I had anything to say. So thanks to all of you that went out of your way to say something nice to me about it. I’ll be honest, it meant a lot to me. Made me feel really good. It also surprised me a great deal that people were actually reading it.

Lately though, I’ve had an awful lot of doctor’s appointments, not to mention things going on in my life that make it really difficult to meet the column deadlines.

Most of you know me well enough to know I won’t blow smoke about how I feel, and sometimes it’s just tough to write when I really don’t feel like doing it. To me, that would be just like lying to you – and I wouldn’t ever do that.

I’m not saying I won’t be back. It’ll probably be a while before I come back, though.

Lord, I’d like to ask today that you bless my friends. Hold them close to You. Watch over them as only You can do. Let each and every one know how incredibly special – and necessary – they are. These are my friends, Lord. They’re Mothers, and Fathers, Sisters, and Brothers. They are truly good folks, and I love them. They make my life better simply by being around. Thanks Father, thanks for watching out for all of us.

– See you on the streets –