Street Life Ministries (“SLM”) is different than many “feeding ministries.” It serves a unique role in the way it cares for the homeless and the hungry in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Hot, home cooked meals transported to outdoor venues are less threatening to those in need, fostering an environment for relational connections to develop between servers and friends on the streets. These connections become the groundwork for guiding friends toward healthier decisions, medical assistance, detox, rehab, housing, mentorship and counseling—all contributing to a deep sense of meaning and purpose for those willing to invest. Each week we serve over 500 meals to men, women and children.

While not requisite to receiving SLM’s services, most come early to listen to a short Biblical message that frames the context for welcome and compassion. By creating an atmosphere of authentic human caring, serving times lead to transformational experiences for those served as well as those who are serving.

What transpires is a surprisingly authentic community where everyone leaves satisfied, including the more than 100 volunteers and partner organizations that make it all possible.

No Walls Necessary Concept

Since June of 2000 Street Life volunteers have expressed love and compassion by inviting our friends on the street to discover hope in our unique approach to the faith community we describe as “No Walls Necessary.”

Our community meets on the streets for people on the streets. In the New Testament, the Church was never limited by space or location. There are no walls necessary to be a healthy community of faith.

Street Life is made up of people from different Christian traditions who share a common, passionate desire to see the message of Jesus lived out in tangible ways. We meet together on the street, not in a building, and we believe in helping those in need with the Word of God and a hot plate of food. There is no judgment, no guilt-trip, no hoops to jump through – just a sincere effort to show genuine love.

When the gospel is lived out in the lives of broken people, it takes a shape that is beyond a building, a specific doctrine, or a Sunday service. Street Life Ministries is a community of people striving to follow Jesus and committed to bringing the love of God to people on the streets.

If you would like to know more about what we believe, please read our statement of faith.

If you visit our Redwood City or Menlo Park sites this is what you will experience…


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Food and Fellowship…