I have extremely exciting news to share.

We have reached our goal of raising $1 million for our Homeless to Healthy program! That amount has been matched in full, meaning we now have $2 million raised to launch and sustain H2H, the first Christian residential rehab program between San Jose and San Francisco!

One year ago, when we received the opportunity for the challenge grant, we knew it was a huge step forward for us unlike anything we’ve done before- but we knew with God and the incredible community weโ€™ve formed by our side we could make it happen.

This has been an incredible journey and we are so grateful that so many of you partnered with us through it. I want to thank everyone who donated, shared our posts, attended our fundraisers, or prayed for us. This was a true community effort and it took all of us coming together to achieve our goal.

Because of all of you, two million dollars will go to helping people get off the streets for good.

This will radically alter the way we deal with homelessness here in the Bay Area

Although this is extremely exciting, we still have a way to go to locate and secure a building, finalize the curriculum and prepare for our first residents.

We hope you will continue to partner with us and follow our progress as we take these exciting next steps while continuing our mission to provide food, clothes, medical care and Godโ€™s love to the homeless population here in the Bay Area.

Thank you, and God Bless,

-David Shearin

Because of all of you, two million dollars will go to helping people get off the streets for good.

Kevโ€™s Korner

Heya folks !!! July is here, the Sun is working overtime, and Street Life is doing how we always do – awesome !!!

June was a seemingly quick month, if you ask me. Seemed like I just blinked my eyes, and now it’s July. Well anyways, y’all know the drill by now – top off that java, get settled and comfortable, and let’s go for a ride…

Well, first off, I finally got to ban the guy that was causing all the problems in Menlo Park. We actually had to start sending security to Menlo Park a few months back because of a guy that kept getting off the hook yelling at our volunteers. Yeah, real tough going after women and kids, but whatever. The heat got turned up when he decided to start up with Ephrain (my 2nd in command). Both me and Ephrain have interesting backstories, and suffice it to say we don’t put up with a whole lot of dumb stuff. Anyways, when I got word of all this, I had a serious pow-wow with David and Vicky, and told them exactly what I planned on doing. As long as I stuck to the plan, I’d be fine. So next day I showed up in Menlo Park. After a bit, so did our problem guy. I waited until after the sermon to engage, and when I did, he reacted just like I thought he would. The funny part was all the people calling David to say Big Ol’ Kev is starting a fight, and then trying to hand me their phones in the middle of an altercation like I would just stop and answer the phone. Honestly, I just don’t know what folks are thinking sometimes. My focus is on the other guy’s eyes. If he’s gonna make a move, I gotta respond – so getting in my way and trying to hand me a phone increases the chances of an innocent getting hurt. It blows me away that grown men don’t understand this, but I’m here to tell you they don’t. If it ain’t your business, it would be wise to stay out of harm’s way. Anyways, problem guy called the cops (No laws were broken, so nothing happened) and after they left, and he left, I called and checked in with David, and all was well…

Congrats on your permanent ban, dude.

David has given me the power to ban people from the Ministry as I see fit. There has to be a good reason, and having a lot of proof helps, but David says it is my call, and my call alone. Calling him to rescind a ban is useless (his words) because I know why I banned them to begin with. I don’t take it lightly, as I know many people count on the food we serve as their only meal of the day. I don’t use bans without good reason. I bring this up because I heard that problem guy from the story above conned someone into speaking on his behalf, asking David to rescind my ban. David told him that I am the only one that could possibly do that, but he didn’t think I would because of the amount of trouble the guy had caused. It makes me feel good to know that David trusts me at that level. I’ve worked really hard over the last almost 10 years to earn that kind of trust with David, and it’s real cool to know I’ve kinda succeeded. Makes me kinda proud of myself…

One of our volunteers, Mary, who is our table captain in RWC every other Monday, was talking to me a week or two ago, and told me how much she liked the prayers that I offer up at the end of my columns. Well, I just heard Mary is sick, and I want her to know that she is my friend, and I think of her often. So Mary, this one’s for you, girl:

Lord, I wanted to make a special request this month for my friend Mary, who is sick and suffering with the Coronavirus. Please wrap your loving arms around her and let her know everything’s going to be alright. Please cover her in Your Warm Embrace and shine Your Mighty Gaze upon her. Please let her know she is not alone, and that she is Blessed in Your Awesome Name. Please watch over her as the Good and Faithful Servant you know her to be. I ask these things through Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

See you on the streets.