We have exciting news!

We are officially over THREE QUARTERS of the way to our goal of funding the Homeless to Healthy program.


We have raised $750,000 which has all been matched, meaning we have raised a total of 1.5 million for the Homeless to Healthy Program. Praise God!


Raised: $750,000!

Goal: $1 Million

When we set out to raise 1 million to launch the Homeless to Healthy Program (which will be MATCHED to two million) it was a big step unlike anything we have done before. But through prayer we knew it was what we needed to do to make lasting change, and we knew with our incredible community at our side we could hit our goal and get this life changing program funded for years to come. We here at Street Life wanted to thank you all so much for your support; while this is a huge milestone, there is still a way to go to help many people here in the Bay Area escape poverty! We still have 25% left of our target to go, and the match is still ongoing until we hit one million in donations, or May 1st, whichever comes first. That means any donations you give to the Homeless to Healthy Program will STILL be matched in full! This is an excellent time to have your donation make a big difference and to help us hit the finish line and guarantee this program will be stable for years to come.

Thank you for believing in our vision, and for partnering with us and trusting us with this vital mission. For more information and updates, check our website here

Additionally, Street Life has another big need that YOU can help with: we URGENTLY need more volunteer drivers!

Our drivers drive our food vans to the kitchens where we prepare our food, help load them up and then drive them to the sites where the food is served. After the services are completed, they help load up the used supplies and return them to the kitchen.

Our drivers are vital in getting the food we provide into the hands of the homeless community, and we can’t do what we do without them! It is also a very rewarding job as you have the opportunity to interact with the people we serve and can directly see the positive impact the food you are delivering has. We do not have enough trained drivers to fill every shift currently and NEED to get more volunteers to make sure everything continues to run smoothly!

If you’re interested please fill out the contact form at https://streetlifeministries.org/volunteer/ and we will reach out for training! We have both regular and fill in volunteer opportunities available. You can see the full job description on our website. Thank you all and God Bless!

Thank you for all you do to support us.

God bless,

Kev’s Korner

Hey there, folks, and welcome to March !!! It’s kinda funny, because after January, things start to move a lot faster. Days seem to go by in the blink of an eye. Well, I’m glad you’re here. Y’all know the drill – top off your coffee and strap in, ’cause we’re going for another ride.

I’m sure you all think this column practically writes itself, but that’s not the case at all. I spend a whole bunch of time staring at a blank page before something kicks in and I start writing. I’m trying to fix that, and so for the next few columns I’m gonna write about the people I work with. I hear ya – it’s kinda low-hanging fruit, but I’ve noticed that not a lot of people know about all the prep it takes to pull off a successful night at Street Life. It’s a lot more involved than it seems, and since I’ve chosen this route, I’m going to start with Vicky instead of David. David will probably be next month.

Vicky Lanzone is our Admin at Street Life, and is the backbone of this ministry. I have never seen someone work so hard and still stay behind the scenes. Vicky coordinates and oversees virtually everything at Street Life, and she’s REALLY good at it. She’s David’s right hand here in the ministry. I myself have known her since the first time I came to Street Life back in 2012, I think. I asked her for a warm jacket, and the next week she brought me this wool lined denim jacket that actually fit me. She’s got an eye for details like that. Anyways, I would come to Street Life to hang out with her and help her any way I could. Me and her, we just clicked. It was fun hanging out with her, and she really helped me kinda re-integrate into “normal” society. Once I’d left the Korridor, I paid $200 a month to live in a garden shed in someone’s backyard. It lasted quite a while, but once I started getting clean off the drugs, it was clear that I wasn’t going to be able to stay there much longer. I remember calling Vicky, and telling her I’d just about had it with the tweekers I was dealing with, and she told me to just pack my van with everything I had and bring it to her house. Neither one of us knew that 7 or 8 years later now, I’d still be here. Vicky is the greatest friend/roommate I have ever had, and I’m lucky to know her. My life has become much better just by having her in it.

Vicky also does the driver scheduling for Street Life. If we had more drivers, she wouldn’t be quite so stressed all the time. Folks, we really need more driver volunteers pretty bad. It’s a fairly easy gig, and you don’t even have to clean the van out afterward anymore – we got other volunteers that do that now. Really, it’s like 2 hours of your time. If you’re looking to volunteer your time to a cause like ours, but are having a hard time pulling the trigger, you can always talk to me at kevin@streetlifeministries.org. I’d be happy to list off a bunch of reasons to do it, but I think we all know that nothing’s quite as satisfying as just plain doing the right thing. If you’re looking for a way to donate that doesn’t really cost you, I’d say this is it. Please consider driving for us – we have slots open any day you want to do. Pretty sure, if you’re interested, that you can send an email to info@streetlifeministries.org to learn more. Remember to leave a contactable phone number in your email, okay?

Lord, as we hurtle forward into another month, I ask only that You keep Your Gaze upon us. Keep us near You that we go forth in confidence, steadfast in the belief that we ARE children of God. Watch over all our victories and mistakes, knowing that we learn so much through them. Please keep us safe in Your Loving Embrace, Lord. Thanks for another month, too.

See you on the streets.