January 2023

Surviving on the flooded streets


Can you have too much of a good thing? California’s Mediterranean climate has most rainfall occurring in winter while the summer and fall months are dry. Since late December, one atmospheric river after another has battered our drought-stricken state. The huge storms have provided much-needed relief in terms of our

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December 2022

🍲 What good is a dollar fifty?


It is amazing how much of an impact a donation can have when used to provide for someone who has so little. Even small things like a new beanie or a sleeping bag can have a massive impact on the quality of life of someone cold and sleeping on the streets this winter.

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💬 What is it like to be homeless on Christmas?


Happy Winter to all!

Our temperatures have dropped and the rain is falling. Our Clothing Closet is doing good work distributing warm, dry clothes to our folks in need and we have seen an uptick in attendees for our fellowship. We are still packaging our hot meals to-go, but some folks choose

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Street Life Ministries to use $2M grant for residential rehabilitation program

Published on December 15, 2022

By Aimee Lewis Strain

One kind gesture can tap a wellspring of compassion. More than 22 years ago, Pastor Tony

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🙏 Just like the fishes and loaves


We can recreate a miracle.

Exciting news- all donations made this December will be matched in FULL up to $55,000 thousand, doubling the impact of your donation!

In addition, all new recurring donations on any platform will have their first month’s donation QUADRUPLED– so if you start a new recurring donation of $100,

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November 2022

😁 Meet our new team member, and join a new exclusive club!


Happy Autumn everyone, as warm days give way to cool evenings let’s hold a warm thought for those outside. This month we are excited to introduce you to our newest team member Ricky Wade! Here are a few words from Ricky:

I have watched how the homeless

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September 2022

Working Together to End Homelessness


Save the Date!

Thursday, October 13, 5-8 pm
Oddfellows Lodge, Redwood City

Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner, beer, wine and music while Brian Greenberg, Vice President of Programs and Services of LifeMoves, which provides interim housing and supportive services for homeless families and individuals, and David Shearin,

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We Have a Shortage


When homeless people wear their clothes, they wear them out. When you don’t have many clothes, and you are outside 100% of the time, constantly exposed to the sun, the rain, and dirt and grime, the clothes you do have get worn through very quickly. That’s why it’s so important that

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