We are happy to announce that Street Life Ministries is in the home stretch of raising $1 million — that will be matched dollar-for-dollar — to launch our inclusive, residential Homeless to Healthy (H2H) rehab program.

Join Us

Please invite your friends who are passionate about helping the homeless — at 5:30 pm on Thursday, April 21 at the Oddfellows Lodge in Redwood City for a final push to the finish line. There will be food, friends and drinks and you will get to hear directly from the leaders of the program, Mike Murray and Ricky Wade, to find out more about the curriculum we’ve developed to help change lives with the power of Christ. You will also hear from other great speakers, including those doing outreach on the streets, members of the police force, some of Street Life’s partners, and other familiar faces from Street Life.

Since announcing H2H just five months ago, thanks to you we have raised more than $800,000 but we have just one month to raise the additional $200,000 that will be matched dollar-for-dollar. If you are unable to attend on 4/21 and would like to help us reach the finish line, you can through this donation page: https://streetlifeministries.org/donate


Raised: $803,679!

Goal: $1 Million

Thank you so much for your support that has put us so close to achieving our goal.

God Bless you all and we hope to see you on 4/21!

Kev’s Korner

How’s it going, folks? Welcome to April. Last month I started talking about the people I work with, starting with Vicky. This month I’m going to talk about David, our fearless leader. This one’s gonna be good, so strap in, refill that coffee mug, and get comfortable – we’re going on another ride…

So it’s no secret that when I was first exposed to Street Life, I was “unconvinced” about it. Sometimes I would be across the street (when we were at Ms. Shirley’s) and David would ask me if I wanted to join. I would respond with the finger and light another cigarette. Pretty sure everyone has heard this story. So finally I pulled my head out and got with the program. I offered to keep an eye on the crowd and make sure the rules were followed. I had no idea back then that I’d still be doing it coming up on 10 years later. In the last decade, I’ve worked pretty closely with David, and I’m here to tell you he really is a good guy. It’s in his heart to do this work. It really is…

I knew of David Shearin since Woodside High School. We had totally different social cliques and never actually hung out back then, but I knew who he was. Since I dropped out of school the 2nd semester of my junior year at Woodside, we never really got the chance to be friends, but Life has a way of doing funny things and when Street Life came to RWC I remembered the guy. Turns out I’m one year older than him…

Now, although I don’t agree with every decision he’s made, I count David as one of the best friends I’ve ever had. He’s real, he’s raw at times, and he’s honest almost to a fault. He and I are a lot alike in a whole lot of ways, and I think that might be a part of why he and I have had some conflicts. That being said, I have never questioned his heart when it comes to the work we do. David has my back, and I know it. We are very much a team, and work pretty closely together. In the last few years, I think my friendship with David has really blossomed.

David has taken what started out as some dudes bringing pizza and the Word of God to the homeless folks at a bus station in Menlo Park to a whole ‘nother level – we have 3 sites: Redwood City, that bus station in Menlo Park, and one at a Church in Palo Alto. He did this. I mean, obviously he didn’t do it by himself, it took the patience, love, and understanding of many – as well as the donations of many more – to get where we are, but it was HIS vision to expand and grow Street Life. He sees the Ministry in much the same way I do – as a lifeline to the homeless population in our areas. David has the heart for this work like few others I’ve ever met.

There have been times where people have threatened both David and Street Life. THAT is why I’m there – because if you’re gonna try to do wrong to my friend or the Ministry, you’re gonna have to get past me first – and I don’t think anyone can. There’s been several threats made during the Pandemic alone that have caused me to call in extra people and make a few shows of strength. So far, so good – but I am always ready for the next one now. To me, David is too important to allow to be hurt by some random off the street just ‘cuz they don’t agree with him or think they have something to prove. Honestly, we just don’t have the time or energy for any of that B.S. I feel that it’s important for everyone to know that there isn’t much I wouldn’t do to ensure David’s (and the Ministry’s) safety. I’m not kidding at all when I say they gotta get through me first. As long as air keeps flowing into my lungs, I will always defend and protect Street Life Ministries.

The long and short of this month’s column is to tell everyone that reads it that David Shearin is a good dude. He’ll shoot ya straight, and he won’t sugar coat anything. He calls it like he sees it, and to me, that is to be admired. He’s done a lot for me, for all my homeless friends, and for this Ministry. If I knew only that, it would be enough. However, David’s impact goes much, much further. He’s a good husband, father to his adopted son Isaiah, a pastor at Redeeming Grace church, an active member in his community, and so much more. I myself am proud of him as a friend and as my boss. I am honored to have been lucky enough to ride his coat tails and call him my friend.

Lord, today I’m going to ask that you bless my friend David. He’s doing the jobs you’ve called him to do, and he’s doing them in style. Please fix Your Gaze upon him every so often so that he will remember Your words – “Well done, My good and faithful servant.” Please surround him in Your Love and Awesomeness so that he never wonders if he’s doing the right thing. You know he is, and so do I. Thank You for another month, Lord, that we can proclaim Your Perfection and continue the work You have placed in our hearts. I ask this in the Holy Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

See you on the streets.