Home is where every visit to slm-works starts. It is also where you can find a detailed summary of the services and events for the week. Of course, the site menu is also here to help you take the next step.


The Procedures menu option gives access to three choices, each with corresponding, downloadable documents:

  • Full Handbook: a good way to get started in being fully informed
  • Procedures: detailing the ‘how to’ of our various functions and tasks
  • Training: a good way to teach or learn a new Street Life role or to review one you may already have


The Schedules menu item opens the Schedules page. Here you will find function-specific schedules for each SLM site and its activities. These include:

  • Speakers and their assigned topics
  • Worship Leader assignments
  • Weekly Food Service Schedules
  • Other events/activities as they arise


All of slm-works Communication features are here

  • Standardized Reports
    • Driver’s Report concerning van condition and contents, etc.
    • Table Captain’s Report for food and food service matters
    • Incident Report for critical sharing of safety and security issues
  • Contact Us: for questions, comments and concerns about slm-works
  • Subscribe‘:  to be added to the mailing list for important news/updates
  • Communication and Privacy Policiesa clear statement about use slm-works communication features and restrictions on sharing of user information


Reference pages cover a broad field of essential information needs.

  • Handbook Sections/Pages to keep your Leaders’ Handbook up-to-date
  • Master Roster with complete contact information
  • Resources with links and contact information for assistance referral
  • Content has an outline with links to site content and arrangement