A Message From Pastor David

I was speaking to a young man who has served at SLM and this is what he told me:

A 42-Year Old Middle-Aged African-American Man WILL Cry Next Week Because He Feels Loved or Because He Feels Like Hanging Himself…
Scary Thing Is: it’s YOUR CHOICE

“A year ago I was trying to befriend homeless people who were lined up for meals from street life ministry. I was 18, scared, and clueless about who to talk to. I said a rushed prayer then I felt I should say hi to this tough looking middle-aged African-American Man. I felt shaky, looked him in the face and said:
“Hi, what’s your name? I’m Tommy”
He immediately snapped back:
“WHY THE HELL do you want to know my name? Are you a Fu***** cop?”

I started shaking more and promptly said:
“No, I just care about you”
Well, it ain’t NONE of your business” he almost yelled at me.

I didn’t know what to say, I awkwardly frozen for like 20 seconds, then tried to start a conversation with someone else.

But, 10 minutes later, after that tough man had gotten some food from the Street Life table. He looked over at me then walked right towards me and said:
“I’m sorry, my name is Marcus”
I didn’t know what to say…

10 minutes later he drove away on a bus and I never saw him since.

I don’t know why, but as I drove home that night I couldn’t stop crying. Street Life Ministry had loved on Marcus and the only way he knew how to love us back was by telling me his name.

But, what if Marcus hadn’t come. What if he didn’t feel any love that night. What do YOU think he could have done in his raged sate?

The whole reason I told you this story is because Marcus is not the only hurting person out there. There is someone else who WILL go do something crazy because he feels nobody loves him. Unless you do something.
Something that will cost you a few minutes and a few dollars, but might just change somebodies life.

The power is in your hands. And, it’s so crazy easy and it matters oh so much. Click the box that says “DONATE HERE” immediately and give what you KNOW is right.”

I love being the pastor of those who live on the streets,

Lead Pastor David Shearin